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Digital Band is an intelligent accompaniment software application which can automatically improvise an accompaniment
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Monica Habins
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7 December 2013

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This is a tool that automatically provides accompaniment to audio files or even humming.

Digital Band software is able to create accompaniment to audio clips. Even when users hum a tune, the tool is able to create a suitable accompaniment automatically. This software can help you compose music that can be as simple as doing it in a single click. So if you were going to create an ad jingle or a small piece of music quickly, this tool will help. It does not matter what genre of music you are attempting to create, this tool is useful in any of them. The program provides detailed guides to music composition and accompaniment. It would not be too difficult for just about anyone to start composing music. The interface is simple and really graphical; most users should not find any difficulty with it at all.

This clearly needs some knowledge about music. However, the program is sophisticated enough for experienced users to create music quite easily. The program recognizes MIDI files and helps you add new tracks with new instruments and complex musical structure. All the tracks created will fit the original MIDI file easily. Through a drop down list, you could select an emotion and the tool will create a corresponding instrument, beats per minute and chord automatically. That helps quite a bit. It is also possible to manually select the genre and edit instruments, structure or chord for your specific composition. Adding a voice track to the music is not difficult either. Whether you want to try your hand at creating music to learn music composition or are a professional composer, this could be a very good tool that helps.

Publisher's description

AthTek Digital Band is an intelligent accompaniment software application which can automatically improvise an accompaniment to audio file, computer keyboard playing or even humming. With the neatly designed start page, even a child can make background music or write songs effortlessly. If there is a nice melody coming across to your head, you can instantly hum and improvise an accompaniment to it. Digital Band will help you to grasp any inspirational flash and you will never miss the chance of being a musician.
AthTek Digital Band provides straight ways to improvise accompaniments and compose music. You can access exactly the panel you want by clicking the button on start page. Doesn’t like any other complex music software, Digital Band has a neatly designed start page for quick start. It doesn’t require rich music knowledge before you can use. Digital Band is an intelligent music software application which can save your time and energy in composition.
Most users use Digital Band for music education and playing. You can convert the composition to numbered notations with one click and this will definitely help with music education. Actually, musicians can also use Digital Band as an idea generator. It supports to automatically select the music emotion, genre, structure and instruments then integrate them into a composition with only one click. Even with the same settings, it can create different rhythms each time. Following are the instructions to start page of Digital Band:
* Make a song: to create a customized music composition.
* Make an accompaniment: to improvise an accompaniment individually.
* I Feel Lucky: to automatically create a music composition with one click.
* Accompany to your midi: to improvise an accompaniment to imported audio file.
* Accompany your humming: to improvise an accompaniment to what you sing.* Accompany your keyboard: to improvise an accompaniment to computer keyboard playing.
Digital Band
Digital Band
Version 1.8
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